Posterior Cervical Rod

Egifix medical provides many solutions for posterior cervical fixation the upper hand is posterior cervical rod system for cervical and upper thoracic spine characterized by

Low profile screws.
Wide Screw angulation.
Pre-curved rods diameter 3.3mm.
Wide range of available sizes with 3.5 mm diameters and 4 mm screws for revision with lengths ranging from 10 mm to 50 mm with 2mm increments.
Pedicular and sublaminal hooks.
Screw connectors place the rod lateral to the screws, allowing for easy placement of bone graft material.
A low profile occipital plate can be connected easily to the posterior cervical rod having multiple screw holes to ensure secure
fixation to the occiput.
Occipital anchor plates match varying patient anatomies.
Set of Instruments designed for optimal performance and ease of use for the surgeon.

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